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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

With a Taekwon-Do career spanning over 50 years, Senior Grandmaster Sereff has promoting over 11,900 students to 1st Degree Black Belt.

Grandmaster Sereff is the second highest ranking ITF 9th Degree in the world, he was promoted to 9th Degree in 1997 by General Choi Hong Hi.

SGM Sereff has travelled the world teaching Taekwon-Do in every state in the United States to abroad in Australia, Japan, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Vienna, North Korea and many more as part of the ITF Masters Demonstration team.

SGM Sereff assisted the General Choi on countless seminars as well as inviting General Choi to the world famous, Sereff World Camp.

SGM Sereff says “My experiences with General Choi Hong Hi were priceless.  They made me a better instructor and help me to fulfil my leadership role.”

April 16, 2016 was SGM Sereff last official class teaching however he still plays a large part in the development and continued growth of Taekwon-Do throughout the USA and the world

SGM Sereff has students ranging from 1st Degree to 9th Degree and was the first Grandmaster to promoted a female to the rank of 9th Degree.

SGM resides in Dever Colorado where the Sereff Taekwon-Do school still continues to grow and flourish