Grandmaster Sergio Sciascia and the Council of Masters of Argentina with the support of ITF HQ Korea have organised another virtual competition.

This time the subject is “combat techniques”. It is absolutely free to enter and is an open competitor, the more participants the better. All grades and ages are welcome.

All instructors need to do is register their school with the organisers. Students then film a performance lasting not longer than 30 seconds demonstrating a fight against an imaginary opponent displaying a full range of their techniques of attack and defence (ie blocks, jumps, turns, punches, kicks etc). Once these videos have been uploaded they will be judged by a panel of 21 international judges , with the participants grouped by age and rank. Certificates of participation and placing with be issued.

So if you are looking for a way to engage students in a non traditional competition which should be fun, please consider joining in. Feel free to contact me for any more details.…/1OKryWRqaKGK2Ezapmz2…/view…