These rings symbolize sincerity, passion, self-mastery, emotional and spiritual balance that idealistically describe true Taekwon-Do leaders:

ITF Headquarters Korea has introduced rings synonymous to the one worn by the founder, as an optional part of the ITF Dan certification system. All certificated members have the option to purchase a ring during their application process. A distinctive and revolutionary masterpiece, the ITF Ring is immediately recognizable thanks to its captivating design for Taekwon-Do practitioners. Its unique shape gives our design exceptional scope to reveal the hand-finished features of these rings. The result embraces the elegant blend of Eternity and Power.

Silver with a purity of 99%

This gemstone ring is only available for our Dan members

Engraved with distinctive Taekwon-Do Symbols

High quality gemstones


Weight approximately 25 grams

Owner’s name and their unique individual creation number